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La Hacienda Park Adventure Punta Cana

Live the experience of doing 7 experiences for the price of one at La Hacienda Park Adventure Punta Cana.


You will begin this full day tour arriving at La Hacienda Adventure Park. Here, our staff will welcome you and explain how to organize your activities.


Also, you will be part of a safari experience where you’ll learn about the coffee, cocoa, and sugarcane plantations.


In addition, you will climb a chairlift of more than 800 meters. So, once you get to the top of the mountain, get ready to ride 5 spectacular zip lines, cross 2 mountains and descend through a breathtaking valley.


Now, is the time to level up with adrenaline activities! Get into the mud while driving our powerful boogies all the way to the Anamuya River for a swim.


Finally, you will end this adventure tour at La Hacienda Park Punta Cana tasting the delicious Dominican buffet and different dishes we have for you.

8 Hours
3 Years
Punta Cana



Go in a Safari truck while observing coffee and cocoa plantations.


Drive big boogies through the mud to Anamuya river.


Taste delicious Dominican gastronomy.

zip lining at monkey jungle

Try the longest Zipline in the Caribbean over a kilometer long.

Ride horses through a natural environment.

Immerse in an ecological and natural environment.



Expert tourist guide.

Tasting of typical products (coffee, chocolate, sugar cane).

Drinking water available throughout the excursions.

Traditional Dominican food buffet.


For security reasons, pregnant women can only carry out the Safari ride and enjoy the buffet.

Clients with more than 250 pounds/114kg, or with a waistline of more than 42”/107cm are not allowed to participate in the Ziplines and the Horse-back riding experience.

Minimum height for Zipline, Quick Jump and Horses: 120cm. Minimum height for Buggies: 110cm.

What to bring:


Comfortable clothing.



Beach Towel


Comfortable footwear.

Mosquito Repellent

Insect repellent.


Extra money.

La Hacienda Park Punta Cana

Price USD99

Buggies: 40-45 Minutes

A fascinating journey through the wilderness on board the buggies, specially designed to be used in extreme conditions. There is a stop in the crystal waters of Anamuya River, where the clients can enjoy a refreshing swim.

Horseback Riding: 40-45 Minutes

Cross the wild environment of Anamuya and several streams riding the best horses in the Dominican Republic. Spanish horses, Quarter Mile and Appaloosa, all of which receive the best cares and are always kept in excellent conditions.

Safari: 40-45 Minutes

Explore the Dominican peculiarities in a military truck, going through coffee and cocoa plantations and sugar canes, visit a Dominican village and learn about the local population’s lifestyles while enjoying their typical products.

Zipline: 60-65 Minutes

5 spectacular Ziplines crossing 2 mountains and descending through a stunning valley. You will have the opportunity to try the longest zipline in the Caribbean - more than one-kilometer-long, the highest of the island - with a 200m slope from its highest point, and one of the fastest - reaching a speed of over 70 kilometers per hour.

Quick Jump: 5 Minutes

Once you finish the fifth zipline, you will have the chance to go down our Quick Jump, taking a leap of over 20 meters high. For those who won’t dare with this experience, we also have stairs from which you can descend.

Chairlift: 15 Minutes

Unique in the country, the first chairlift in the Dominican Republic will take the clients from the base to the top of the mountain where they will enjoy the incredible views of the wild environment surrounding Anamuya and the Caribbean Sea. The clients can descend the mountain in the same chairlift or start with the Ziplines once they reach the top.

100% Dominican Buffet

We offer an exceptional buffet where all the clients can have a taste of the country’s typical gastronomy: Dominican pumpkin soup, Dominican meat soup called Sancocho, fish with coconut sauce, or typical rice pudding – all of which are prepared with the maximum quality and the best raw ingredients.