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Punta Cana Dolphin Swim Adventure Tour

Have you ever interacted with a Dolphin?


This is your chance to dance and interact with these intelligent dolphins. Also, you will have the opportunity to get in contact with beautiful sea lions, and receive a kiss of them. Additionally, you will see the only birds show playing like a professionals NBA players in Punta Cana. 


Firstly, you will start this adventure in an aviary surrounded of beautiful tropical birds. There, you will have the opportunity to watch them playing basketball and acting in different guided activities.


Then, you will go to a floating platform on the middle of the Punta Cana sea, where friendly Dolphins will be waiting for you. Our experimented guides will explain you about how to get in contact, the anatomy, and how these marine mammals live in their habitat.


In addition, get in the water and make a line up to give the dolphin a hi five. Then, get ready to swimming and holding dolphins by its dorsal and pectoral fins while they take you for an adrenaline ride. It should be noticed you will have the experience to dance and punta cana dolphin swim at Dominican rhythm.



As soon as you finish this Dolphin Encounter, you will know beautiful sea lions. These animals love to get in contact with humans, that’s why you will receive a kiss that let you in love of this experience.


Finally, you will have time to have an encounter with sharks and rays while snorkeling. Here, you will explore underwater how is the marine live, and how these animals can be friendly. 


But, you only know how fantastic is this Dolphin encounter when you come to Punta Cana.   

1 Hour
6 Years
Punta Cana
Nature and wildlife



Interact 50 minutes in the water with a dolphin.

Swimming Pool

This program is designed for intermediate level swimmer. 


Maximum 12 people per group.

There will be one dolphin per group.



Experienced guide.

Sea lion show.

Birds show.


Pregnant women.

What to bring:


Comfortable clothing.

Beach Towel






Dolphin Encounter Punta Cana

Price USD149
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