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Juanillo Beach

Juanillo Beach Cap Cana

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Juanillo Beach Cap Cana

Juanillo Beach is an exclusive place within the luxurious Cap Cana area due to its privacy and authenticity. Also, this paradise spot is perfect if you want to be with the family, or if you prefer to spend time swimming or walking along the longest white sands.

In addition, this paradisiacal beach has a turquoise color that even you can see your hands under the water. Additionally, you can even walk a few meters in the water and it will not be deep.

It should be noticed, Juanillo is completely beautiful, so much so that it looks like something out of a postcard. Its bright palms perfectly in place, the sand so fine that it will not bother your face and hair.

walking along Juanillo beach

Where is Juanillo beach located?

Juanillo beach is located in the east of the Dominican Republic, in the Municipality of Punta Cana – Verón, specifically within the Cap Cana area.

How to get to Juanillo?

Juanillo beach is public, but since this vacation spot is located within a private area (Cap Cana), you must reserve your consumption in one of its restaurants, and you can be quietly enjoying the beach.

Currently, you have two ways to getting into Juanillo:

  1. By car, bus excursion or taxi (motorcycle aren’t allowed). If you take a taxi from the main gate, you must paid 5 USD, and show your ID to the guard.
  2. If you are staying within the Cap Cana area you don’t need to pay anything.

Things to do in Juanillo beach

You can enjoy of swimming in the turquoise waters, relax on the sun loungers or taste a different cuisine in the restaurants. In addition, different activities such as bazaar, sports competition and events are always carried out on this beach.

It should be noted, that the “Electric Paradise” is celebrated every year on Juanillo beach. Which, is the biggest music festival in all of Punta Cana. Also, this festival brings artists like: Snoop Dog, Dj Tiesto, Marshmellow, Bad Bunny, Foster the People and more.

Juanillo Cap Cana vs Bavaro beach?

Many people wonder which beach is better, Bavaro beach or Juanillo?, basically everything depends on what you want to do and see.

Although Punta Cana has one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, each one has its peculiarity. For example, if you are looking for having fun, meet local people and do popular excursions such as swim with dolphins or snorkeling, your best option is Bavaro beach.

Instead, if you prefer an exclusive beach with more privacy, and without many people perhaps your best option would be Juanillo Cap Cana. Nevertheless, here also you can enjoy in family, or if you are a sport beach lover, definitely, this is your spot.

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